Welcome to my site! I’m Nathan Lemoine, PhD. Candidate in Biology at Florida International University in Miami, FL. I have been researching the effects of climate change on a variety of ecosystems since my undergraduate days. I worked on Chesapeake Bay sponges during my time at the University of Richmond (B.S.) and coral reefs of the Florida Keys while at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab. Currently, I’m working in both marine and terrestrial ecosystems examining how climate change impacts plant-herbivore interactions and plant community composition.

This blog is not a formal scientific blog meant for other scientists (although I hope they find it useful and/or entertaining, at the very least). Rather, this blog is meant to distill the complex topic of climate change into something tractable. I focus on science, because that’s what I know, but I also touch on politics and economics, although I know very little about those subjects.

That’s my speel. Enjoy your stay!

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