Ecological Lexicon

Hey everyone,

Some grad student friends of mine and I have been digging through the ecological literature to determine how ecologists use different terms (community, assemblage, guild, and ensemble) and whether their usage differs from that of definitions in textbooks and other sources. It can be fairly confusing, seeing as how many terms are often used interchangeably and defined differently depending on what textbook you used as an undergraduate or graduate student. There have been previous attempts to synthesize these definitions, but it’s unclear how successful they were. We’ve conducted a literature and textbook survey of the usage of these terms, but we also want to couple this with actual data on how ecologists and practitioners define these terms themselves to see if some of the confusion in the literature results from confusion amongst ecologists about the definitions. Please try to limit answers to one or two sentences. Thanks for your participation! Karma is your great reward.


7 thoughts on “Ecological Lexicon

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