I Need a Name

Now that my experimental warming gardens are up and running (albeit with no plants yet, turns out I wasn’t watering correctly/enough), I need a name. A clever acronym for them. In case you’ve forgotten, they look like this:

Till it rains, at least (just kidding. I sealed the ever living poop out of these things with silicon).

Oh, and I now have a tent/staging area:

Just like home..

Just like home..

Isn’t that thing awesome?

So far, here’s some of the terrible ideas I’ve come up with:

1) TERPs (as in Maryland Terps) – Thermal Experiment Research Plots

2) HEAT – Heated Experiments for Altered Temperatures (or something)

3) HOES – Heated Outdoor Experimental Station

4) HORSE – Heated Outdoor Research with Simulated Environments

5) HOGs – Heated Outdoor Gardens

6) SCATTER Plots – Simulated Changes in AmbienT Temperatures Experimental Research Plots

These are all pretty bad. My two favorites are TERPs and SCATTER Plots.



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