Can Plants Germinate in July?

Last week, I finally got power running in my experiments. I took some pretty drastic steps, like redoing the soil in all of my plots, to try to successfully germinate seeds two months after I should’ve planted them. I planted roughly 90,000 evening primrose seeds (Oenothera biennis). In addition, I planted 2.5 grams of seed mix (15 native wildflower species) in each plot. I have no idea how many seeds this works out to, but a conservative estimate would be roughly 10,000 seeds per plot for a total of about 320,000 seeds. I’m hoping some make it. Unfortunately, last week also happened to be a major heat wave that was incredibly dry. Even though I watered my plots three times a day, morning, noon and night, I’m doubtful that anything survived. If it’s not one thing, its another.

To hedge my bets, I also planted 150 peat pots of seeds, each with 5 – 10 seeds, that I also water three times a day. I’m hoping the potting soil helps hold moisture in and improves germination.


If these survive, I’ll just plant the seeds and pots directly into the soil.

Also, last year I planted over 300 spicebush seeds and kept them in a cooler over the winter. I should’ve pulled them out in May, but I had no power in my plots so I couldn’t plant them. Now, I’ve pulled them out and I’m hoping they germinate as well.


If nothing germinates in my plots or my seed cups, then I’m totally screwed. So, fingers crossed!


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