Heaters Running!

I finally got power run to my experimental plots last week. Today, I had work to do. I poured 40 pounds of compost in every subplot to help with soil quality (for those of you keeping track, I have 64 subplots, which means I carried roughly 2500 pounds of dirt around the garden all morning). Of course, I couldn’t have done it without the help of the volunteer, Aaron.

Second, I hung my heaters over my plots and FINALLY turned them on. I have waited two and a half months for this moment. (Side note: All the crap BGE gave us about needing to run new lines, put in higher amperage lines, etc. was garbage. We waited 2.5 months for them to come turn the power off and, when we were done hooking up the new electrical meter, turn it back on). I’ll repeat: My heaters are up and running!

Heater! Heating!

A heater! Heating!

I half expected to plug the heaters in and have outlets trip left and right. They didn’t, and everything stayed on!

Till it rains, at least (just kidding. I sealed the ever living poop out of these things with silicon).

Till it rains, at least (just kidding. I sealed the poop out of these things with silicon. Literally. Lots of bird poop out there.).

Even better, I went out to the garden last night to take some temperature measurements.

Also to bask in the orange glow of fulfillment.

Also to bask in the orange glow of fulfillment. I swear it’s much less creepy than the picture indicates, but my phone camera is pretty bad at night.

The good news is, I get exactly the heating effect I was looking for, and it covers the whole plot! I was worried about it not heating enough (but I still have some leeway to crank the wattage up if necessary) and heating just a strip in the middle of the plot, but my fears have, for the moment, been allayed. I’ll probably still turn it up all the way later (or, if things get crazy, to 11).

Tomorrow, I will plant more seeds since the last batch died and water them daily. I bought a pound of evening primrose seeds. For those of you who’ve never seen primrose seeds, they look almost exactly like Grape Nuts. A pound is about a cereal box worth of seeds, about 1.3 million. I’m only planting about 1300 in every subplot. If I get the 20% germination rate the company says I should, then  I’ll have more germlings in each plot than I know what to do with (not really, I know exactly what to do with them: kill most, leave a few).

Fingers crossed!


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