Happy Monday From NIMBioS

Happy Monday from UT Knoxville! I start the NIMBioS – CAMBAM workshop on mathematical models in biology today and it runs for two weeks. I’m excited and concerned. I’m excited because I stand to learn a lot. I’m concerned because I just got my experiments up and running on Saturday before I left.


There is a distinct lack of heaters and power….

The seeds are planted, hopefully growing, but there’s still no power in the garden to run my heaters. I’m stressing because I’m out of town on these crucial two weeks: Will I get power or will I need to redo everything? Will my seeds germinate? Did I screw i all up? I’m out of town and can’t watch it or fix it, so… bonne chance.


Grow, baby.. grow

So, to make myself feel better about it, here’s a picture of the Happy Monday Dog.


She is also stressed… Can you tell?


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