Happy Monday Dog!

I did have a long post written about the NSA phone scandal and why it doesn’t bother me, but I had spent 10 hours weighing plant seeds in the lab yesterday (and I’m only halfway done) and it was a little crazy. My friend convinced me to not post it, so instead I leave you with the Happy Monday Dog, because she makes everything seem better.

Government Watchdog

A Government Watchdog

More seed weighing today!


4 thoughts on “Happy Monday Dog!

  1. I read that as “Happy Monday, Dog!” Welcome to the wonderful world of seed research. I hope you have some good podcasts. You are surely going to develop a humpback and poor eyesight over the next few days.

  2. You also will probably develop a terrible allergy. But becoming a sneezy, squinty-eyed Quasimodo will all be worth it when you publish somewhere top-tier.

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